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2017 Native Plant Show Exhibitor Registration

10x10 booths are just $400 for members. If you're not already a FANN member, you can add membership with your registration.
NEW GROWER EXHIBITOR SPECIAL: if you're a new grower exhibitor, you can join FANN for just $250 -- that's a $110 savings off the regular grower membership rate ($360). All non-grower exhibitors (landscape, other product suppliers, services) can join at at allied rate of $160.
End caps and island booths are reserved for sponsors. FANN places all booths in a custom configuration each year. We will be happy to consider your requests and remind you that as an intimate show, all spaces are good spaces.



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Waiver Statement:

All exhibitors must submit certificate of additional insured as identified below. FANN reserves the right to reject any exhibitor or exhibit materials for safety reasons.

GENERAL: The exhibitor hereby submits contract to participate in the Native Plant Show. Exhibitor hereby agrees to all terms and conditions of this contract and agrees to accept and abide by all rules and regulations governing the operation of the show as may established by the Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN). Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FANN and its volunteers, Bradenton Area Convention Center and the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners, service contractors associated with production of the show or any of its members or employees, its successors and assigns against all loss, cost, expense, including attorney fees, claims, suits and judgments whatsoever in connection with injury to or death of any persons, loss or damage to any property arising at or in any way connected with the performance of the exhibitor, its personnel or equipment. In the event that Bradenton Area Convention Center (BACC) cannot provide the normal scheduled show dates because (i) of its inability to provide utilities, facilities, or other services, (ii) of force majeure or (iii) the facility exercises its emergency powers to vacate the convention center, those events shall not be construed as a breach of contract and there shall be no obligation on FANN to refund any exhibitor payment nor will FANN be liable for any damages caused by such action. In the event of a refund from BACC resulting from above events, FANN may in its sole discretion make a full or partial pro-rata rebate of exhibitor booth rental fees. However, FANN is not obligated under any circumstances to issue a refund until a reasonable time after the receipt of the rebate from BACC.

TREES: Trees shall not exceed 20’ in height. Exhibitor shall have enough blocks, rope and wire to safely secure trees so that trees do not cause damage or injury. Exhibitor must bring adequate staff and equipment to move trees in and out. A spotter is required.

NO PLANTS CAN BE LEFT IN THE BUILDING after the show closes. Exhibitor must remove all plants and materials from the premises. If plants are sold, exhibitor still has responsibility for moving them.

ALL EXHIBITORS shall, in advance of show, provide proof of insurance in the form of a certificate describing the exhibitor's general liability coverage.

By completing this registration, I certify that I have read all the above and agree to abide by these safety measures. 

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